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Tablet 11of the Sumero-Babylonian version of the epic of Gilgamesh also records a Flood quite expansive and quite devastating. Are they a record of the same event? Let us compare the two in this essay. God accomplished this by flooding the world, and annihilating all the creatures upon it, except for Noah and his family and a pair of each type of creature on the earth. Each decade, more insight is gained into the origin of the flood story.

The Flood Myths Deucalion, Genesis, And Gilgamesh

Free Flood Myth Essays and Papers | Help Me

There are many different types of flood stories such as the Greek story, Biblical, Egyptian, and Native american. But the two ones that stick out the most are Biblical and Greek. Biblical and Greek have many similarities like with the war breaking out, both survivors were faithful to the Gods, and many differences like Noah with the ark, and noah on top of a mountain. Biblical and Greek flood stories are similar because of the war that they had before the flood.

Comparison Of Flood Myths: Montagnais And Quechua Culture

Assessing The Similarities of Ancient Flood Stories The story of a great flood is a classic archetype that occurs throughout various cultures and religions. While there are a myriad of similarities that aliken the two texts to each other, there are also several differences that provide a stark contrast between the texts, and consequently the two cultures from which the stories originate. One of the most glaring differences between the flood story of The Epic Of Gilgamesh and The Bible actually occurs within one of their similarities.
Chinese and Egyptian mythology also share an uncanny amount of coincidences, such as the presence of a dog-headed god, or the creation of Earth and the heavens from a cosmic egg. Norse, Japanese, and Greek mythologies, too, agree on a lot of ideals. They each contain a clash of gods and the death of certain gods in order to form life.
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